October 23, 2023


SILK/SOIE Design Inc. is thrilled to announce the launch of our World Elephant Silk Scarf, a unique fusion of artistry and commitment to elephant conservation.

Crafted by Jodi Bager, a Canadian surface designer and needlework artist, trained at the prestigious Royal School of Needlework, this scarf symbolizes unwavering dedication to elephant conservation. It serves as a catalyst for meaningful conversations and a tangible tool for raising awareness and driving change.

Each scarf boasts intricate embroidery, a labour of love that took over 1800 hours and nearly eight months to complete. The work captures the majesty of elephants and is inspired by the lush flora of Thailand. Notably, maps of countries vital to elephant conservation are stylized on the World Elephant’s leg, emphasizing their global significance. This elegant scarf features double-sided printing and is finished with hand-rolled edges, reflecting the fine craftsmanship that defines SILK/SOIE Design Inc.

Net proceeds from the World Elephant Scarf sale will be donated to Elephant Family, a UK-based charity, and their vital conservation initiatives. Elephant Family’s mission extends beyond protecting elephants; they support the preservation of rural communities, elephant families, and our shared ecosystem.

About The World Elephant Scarf

The World Elephant (WE) Scarf is a fusion of art and advocacy dedicated to the protection of global elephant families. By wearing or displaying the World Elephant Scarf, you become an ambassador for these magnificent creatures, sparking conversations that matter.

Description: Originally hand-embroidered and stitched at full size (90cm/36" square), the World Elephant Scarf is printed double-sided on fine silk twill with hand-rolled edges.

Cost: Each scarf is retailed at $150 USD

Purchase: On the launch date, The WE Scarf can be purchased online at

Final details and announcements on the WE Scarf launch will shared FIRST with subscribers via our newsletter.

The scarf release date is scheduled for December 4, 2023 (World Wildlife Conservation Day).

This is a worldwide launch. International shipping is available.

Campaign Goals

Our objective is to sell five thousand World Elephant Scarves with our inaugural launch. Our partnership with Elephant Family, a UK-based charitable organization, is designed to channel resources towards addressing and mitigating human- elephant conflicts. As human populations continue to grow and encroach upon elephant habitats, conflicts between humans and elephants are on the rise. Elephant Family recognizes these majestic creatures as keystone species, and their projects work to safeguard both biodiversity and cultural heritage.

Press Contact:
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