Discovering the Impact: My Philanthropic Journey

From its inception, my vision for SILK/SOIE was to collaborate with emerging artists, and thru embroidery, reinterpret their original commissioned artwork. From that embroidery of their artwork, silk scarves would be printed and sold, ensuring each artist receive recognition and support through royalties.

Join me as I share my inspiration!

Today, this vision has blossomed into a broader mandate—one that embraces philanthropy and community impact. I am finding true, authentic purpose within my art, and through my collaboration with Elephant Family, we are raising funds to address threats such as habitat loss, poaching, and human-elephant conflict. Elephant Family champions conservation, protection, and initiatives supporting the welfare and survival of elephants in the world.

In the realm of authenticity, here's a special update about your scarf!

Alongside your purchase, you'll receive a Certificate of Authenticity. This document guarantees that your scarf is an authentic World Elephant Scarf, crafted and printed from the original hand embroidery meticulously fashioned by me over 1800 hours.

It stands as a true piece of artistry and a tangible symbol of your support for our cause. With this certificate, you can confidently trust your scarf's genuine quality—it's crafted from natural, high-quality silk and embodies the spirit of compassion and goodwill.

Elephant Art Print: A Small Gift

 have a small gift for you! Attached is a black or white digital Elephant Art Print just for you! It was created on an 8x10 art board so it will print perfectly on any 8.5 x 11 or A4 paper—matte or glossy! Please tag me on Instagram at @silksoiedesign — I'd love to see how you are displaying your print!

Click the images below to download your free art print.