Historically, ARTIST isn’t a word that I ever used to describe myself until, well, it became so.  Or more aptly, until I became so. Although I will admit to always being creative, artist was never a word I could embrace.  It was too big, too lofty. Yes, I have always been able to make my way with a needle—any needle—knitting, crochet, embroidery—that is where my skills lay. Though I am student of the Certificate Program at the Royal School of Needlework, In England, I am, most assuredly, a self taught illustrator, painter, and digital artist. So now I proudly embrace the fact that I am indeed an artist.

Canadian by birth and based in Toronto, my current and notable project is my collaboration with ELEPHANT FAMILY based in the UK. This partnership features my 90cm (36”) square embroidered elephant panel reproduced on fine silk twill to be sold world-wide as scarves with proceeds benefitting ELEPHANT FAMILY and their vital conservation initiatives.

All the embroidery in the SILK/SOIE collection is my handiwork.  Painstakingly stitched and often taking many months to complete, each piece of embroidery is an original work.

In these pages, I share my SURFACE DESIGNS and my embroidery PROCESS, and am thrilled to be able to share my NEEDLEWORK as WEARABLE ART.