OUR SILK SCARVES AND ACCESSORIES: FROM the initial EMBROIDERY to the finishing, all our pieces are HAND TAILORED in limited quantities.  PLEASE understand that any perceived imperfections are part of the beauty. 

SILK SATIN: Luxurious in both look and feel, we love SILK SATIN.  SILK refers to the fabric, SATIN refers to the WEAVE of the SILK. In EMBROIDERY, a SATIN STITCH is one of the most beautiful - and it is deceivingly simple in appearance - a series of parallel stitches so closely set as to create the appearance of a SATIN WEAVE. It is arguably one of the most elegant of stitches. However, it is also one of the most difficult to perfect and get just right.  But when it is done right, it is simply beautiful. The same can be said about our SILK and its glorious SATIN WEAVE. A SATIN WEAVE results in a SILK which is soft to the touch and colours that are deep and vibrant.   

SILK TWILL: Like SATIN, TWILL is the word used to describe the weave of a silk - how the warp (north and south threads) and the weft (east and west threads) are intertwined. In the case of twill they do so on the diagonal. Undetectable to the naked eye, this weave makes for a luxurious and strong fabric with a soft and smooth surface.

CREPE de CHINE: Our RBGs and SKINNY-GBs are made with either CREPE de CHINE or SILK CHARMEUSE.  CREPE de CHINE, made with highly twisted threads, results in a lovely textured silk with a more matte appearance.

SILK CHARMEUSE: Is also used for some of our RBGs. CHARMEUSE refers to the type of weaving used to create the fabric. This weaving results in a silk that has a high gloss finish on the front printed side, and matte finish on the back.

THE PRINTING: Like all fine printed silk scarves, our scarves, shawls, and wraps are printed on both sides. This showcases colours that are opaque, deep, beautiful, and true to the original embroidery.

THE FINISHING: All our hemmed pieces  - SCARVES, SHAWLS, AND WRAPS have rolled hems.  This rolled hem hides all the edge stitching so that it is invisible. Our RBGs and SKINNY-BGs are sewn double sided - meaning 2 pieces of fabric are invisibly stitched together to create a beautiful finished product on both sides.