Slow Fashion and Silk/Soie

Embarking on the next leg of our journey, I'm excited to reveal the world of SILK/SOIE and the principles that guide my mission. Today, we'll also begin unraveling the intricacies of slow fashion and its rooted connection to the brand.


First things first—how do you pronounce SILK/SOIE? It's pronounced "Silk—Sw-Ahh," reflecting the bilingual world of Canada. "Soie" is French for "Silk," emphasizing the fusion of English and French that mirrors my ties to Canada and the USA. Initially, all I offered were silk-printed scarves of my embroidery, hence the name SILK/SOIE, embodying my dedication to craftsmanship and cultural fusion, which echo my personal values.

Impact: The Heart of the Matter

Let's dive into the heart of slow fashion. At its core, slow fashion is a movement away from fast fashion's disposable nature toward something more enduring and meaningful—choosing quality over quantity, investing in pieces that last, and minimizing waste and, therefore, our environmental impact.

Materials: Silk

When it comes to sustainability, silk fabric emerges as a frontrunner. As a renewable resource, silk biodegrades naturally, the creation of silk fabric requires fewer chemicals, water, and energy compared to many other fibres. This aligns perfectly with our commitment to eco-conscious practices and responsible stewardship of the planet.

Consumer: Purpose

But it isn't just about materials—it's also about purpose. By supporting fashion for a cause, you become part of a movement that transcends trends and makes a tangible difference in the world. We're weaving a story of style, sustainability, and social impact that leaves a lasting legacy.